The Aon Ireland MasterTrust Glossery

To ensure you fully understand The Aon Ireland MasterTrust, we have made every effort to avoid the use of unnecessary technical terminology in our suite of guides. However, you may find some terminology within these guides which you do not understand. We have compiled this Glossary to help you with these terms. Glossary 2020 Edition 1.1

Your Guide to Investing

As a member of The Aon Ireland MasterTrust, you are making contributions to your Retirement Account so that you can reap the benefits in your retirement. But there is more to a pension than simply making contributions. How much you save into your Retirement Account, and how you choose to invest your resulting Retirement Account, […]

Your Guide to Saving

Regardless of our stage in life, we all need to plan ahead to ensure we can enjoy a comfortable, and financially secure, retirement, when the time arrives. We can do this by carefully putting aside money while we are working, to provide us with a secure and stable income when we retire. Pensions are an […]

Pension Newsletter

With the effects of the coronavirus outbreak continuing to be felt around the world, we hope that all of our members remain safe and well. These are unsettling times and, as health concerns recede, it is understandable that you might be worried about how your pension has been affected. This newsletter is a little help with some of […]

TAIMT Privacy Notice

Aon Solutions Ireland Limited provides services and products in relation to your employment and membership of your pension scheme. The Aon Ireland MasterTrustee Limited acts as the Trustee of The Aon Ireland MasterTrust and is responsible for the administration and management of The Aon Ireland Master Trust. We are committed to protecting your privacy. This […]