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Our goal is to help employers create cultures of encouraging and supporting employees to making positive
financial decisions, leaving them healthier, wealthier and feeling more valued.

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At Aon we've combined our award-winning Master Trust with a focus on empowering our members with everyday, easy actions to help grow their pension, remembering even small steps can add up to a big tomorrow.

Flexible Investments

Members can customise how their pension is invested based on their personal goals and preferences by taking advantage of our innovative default option, or mix and match from our Lifestyle or direct investment options.

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You work hard for your money and you deserve it to work hard for you. At Aon, we're experts in retirement and investment. We take the responsibility of managing the savings and wealth protection of our members very seriously.

Super smart, super easy

From Real-time Data to Simple Investment Choices, Rethinking how you interact with your future finance

Our solution uses Data Analytics, AI Technology and Behavioural Economics to promote positive actions leading to brighter futures.

Smart Technology

  • Manage your financial wellness
  • Create a holistic view
  • Take Control
  • Measure your own performance
  • Measure your own success

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Start planning today by using our unique modelling tool and check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about saving for your future.

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